by monty287

The topic for this documentary has been brewing for some time. When “Thor”, the Ricks College Viking, was donated to a local high school with no one’s knowledge until long after the fact, it became very clear that BYU-Idaho was losing its heritage, and, by effect, the unity among the people involved with the school. 

Questions began circling around with me. What is our identity? Do we even have one? Is our mascot, our symbol, our rallying point as a school, really “The Student Face” as Vice-President Eyring asserts? If so, how sad has this school become? Does anyone really know for themselves what the Spirit of Ricks is without falling back on Presidents Clark or Bednar? 

I began by narrowing down three general questions to ask random people, students, faculty, alumni, etc.

1.) How long have you been involved with the school?

2.) Where do you think the school is headed and do you think that’s a good or bad thing?

3.) “The Holy Ghost and its attendant gifts…” as Elder Bednar put it could be applied to any of the CES schools. Without using anyone else’s words but your own, what does The Spirit of Ricks mean to you on a personal level? 

The goal is to figure out what they say.