Production Plan

by monty287

1-A focus statement about your documentary.
With the vestiges of Ricks College being swept away, very few people even know what the Spirit of Ricks is anymore, or if it even exists. Many people like to quote Presidents Eyring and Bednar when it comes to what they have said about it and yet have not even attempted to find out for themselves, if they even care at all. We’ve lost an identity as a school. We are going to find it once again.
2-A brief but detailed description of your documentary.
See above.
3-A list of all the equipment you will need. Be specific.
Canon Rebel Tsi DSLR Camera, tripod and shotgun mic. Lighting will be natural.
4-A list of all of the locations where you plan to shoot.
Spori Quad
McKay Quad
Downtown Rexburg
Porter Park
My house
Various classrooms
Student Apartments
5-A list of all the specific people you plan to interview.
Nate Matthewson
Emilie Theriot
Jacob Chapman
Sarah Call
Chellie Daisy
6-A list of other video you will need to shoot for b-roll.
Exterior of McKay Quad by studying students statue
Taylor Quad
7-A list of video and/or photos you will acquire and where you will get it from.
BYU-Idaho/Ricks College Presidents/Principals – PD
Campus buildings – PD
8-A list of any music you plan to use. Where will you get it?
In development
9-What graphics or special effects do you plan on using?
10-What is your provisional shooting schedule? When will you do your video work and interviews? Be as specific as possible.
Most of the shooting will happen in the late afternoon/early evening, due to work and other classes. Monday and Wednesdays will be the days that I will have more time in the mid-morning/early afternoon to shoot additional B-Roll and possible get some “Man on the Street” interviews.
11-What is your schedule for post-production?
Most will be relatively simple. As most of my homework is for the class this project is for, most of the downtime will be to edit what I have from that day.