Skype Interview

by monty287

I just recently did an hour-long Skype interview with Mason Adamson who had transferred from BYU to BYU-Idaho before his mission and then transferred back after he earned an Associate’s Degree. It was really very informative and his unique situation helped shape his view on what has happened to BYU-Idaho, as well as a better direction on how this film is going to play out. He and I came in contact after the news of the Thor statue being donated finally came to light. Just like myself, he has a deep love for this school since he credits it for some of the best life-changing decisions of his life.

One impression that came out was how disappointed he was in the direction the school was heading, not to be critical but to offer some insights on some of the problems that are there in almost every facet of this institution.

One thing that came up as a solution was to keep things transparent at all levels, as well as increasing communication between each of the departments (maybe not applying methods from the Harvard Business College to the university as a whole would help as well).

I’m not going to post a video here since I’m still editing it and I want to make sure everything is done in context, something that is difficult even from a news reporting perspective. In the end, I think this will be very beneficial to the film as a whole, and Mason has my full thanks for agreeing to do the interview, even if my questions were a little too complicated to answer all at once.